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Node Donation Drive 2018

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18.86097318 XCP raised

for hosting a federated node for 12-months

About XCPDEX was created in Febuary 2016 as a hackathon submission for Counterparty's Devparty Contest. It was awarded 3rd place and has operated freely since then.

Essentially, is a blockchain explorer specific to the Counterparty DEX, one of the few out there, and it currently relies on third-party Counterparty API servers.

Lately, some of those third-party nodes have become less reliable and that has severly degraded the experience of

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The chart below shows the lifetime traffic for, as measured in sessions per month, according to Google Analytics.

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Donation Drive

The purpose of this donation drive is to raise funds to cover the costs of hosting a Federated Counterparty Full Node for 1-Year so that can be more reliable.

The benefits of running its own Federated Node are:

  • Increased reliability and availablility for Counterparty DEX data on
  • Increased network decentralization by having more Counterwallet options.
    • Example:, in addition to
  • Another public Counterparty API for other developers and projects.

Expected Cost

Running a Federated Node requires the same hardware as a Bitcoin Full Node, plus the Counterparty software resource usage on top of that, or about $300-400 per month.

At current prices, that equates to about 8 XCP per month. The goal for this donation drive is to raise 12 months of cloud hosting costs or around 96 XCP.

If we go into over-funding and raise more than 96 XCP, in addition to the stated goal above, I can explore...

  • Securing cloud hosting resources for more than just the next 12 months.
  • Purchasing a server rig (more cost effective than cloud hosting).
  • Coding new features and bug fixes for
  • Open sourcing's current codebase.

Starting Funds

I will be donating the 19 XCP bounty that I received for finding and fixing a bug in the core software, to get things started. And will be launching the federated node by Feb 1.

How to Donate

You can donate by sending XCP to this address: 1ENKkgvMqjPmC3Wst631jbpaC3ULkYgkgL. BTC and other Counterparty assets may be accepted, but they will not count towards the progress bar on this page, so please keep that in mind. In addition, any funds received are not for goods or services, but are monetary tips to help support this website. I am thankful for your support and while I do appreciate if you do decide to tip, it is not required. Before tipping, please consider that your tips are non-refundable.

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